There's so much that can be done from the sky with a drone. The sky is literally the limit!


Real Estate Photography & Videography


Giving clients a "different view." Aerial photography and videography can be helpful in selling your home or property. Most exterior photos are taken from the ground and lack depth. They simply cannot show you the stunning aerial view of the property or the surrounding areas and amenities. 


Construction Progression, Roof Imagery and 3d Modeling


What's the best way to view your construction project? From above of course! Whether it's a one time aerial shot or a progression of the work, aerial photography & videography is a great way to not only document your project, but also utilize the deliverables for marketing & advertising purposes for your future potential clients. 

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Corporate and Business 


Want exterior photographs of your business space or building? I can help! This is a great way to showcase your location from a different angle as well as the surrounding area. 


For the Home & Office


Have a wall or space in your home or office that you just can't seem to find a decorative piece for? I've got you covered (literally)! I have numerous photography pieces available for print on my website, Prints come in a variety of sizes, and because I tend to travel between Boston and Florida, there's plenty to choose from. 


TV & Film

I've been involved with the film industry since 2000, where I worked as a wildlife wrangler for many networks, shows and movies. I have also contributed hundreds of hours of footage for documentaries and independent films. Please contact me if you are in need of exterior aerial shots. 

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